classico reckon i
classico reckon i

Once before, i was writing for my reckoni, and receive many critics bout the application. reckoni was developed under JavaSE platform to perform tweaking, virus removal and system repair. Some argue when i claim reckoni is multiplatform tweaking tool. Well, dat was reckoni. And now, i’m working on reckoni.ex. Right now, I’ve done major update on the program and here’s the changelog.

– resource for ubuntu including few function:

  • registration for port under 100 for use with other application listener
  • USplash easy modification
  • enable multiple thread for synaptic
  • GRUB easy modification (to configure grubloading in multiboot system)
  • modification of Human color scheme
  • register a startup application with root privilege(this is quite useful, in exp: dialer for broadband modem to automatically run on startup)
  • modification of Human icon scheme
  • enable widget-fusion
  • view running process in treeview with flag capability
  • compiz configuration (u dun have to install compizconfig)
  • chat via reckNet
  • reckonAV will be using old reckonAV scanning module, until SCrip for linux is available.

– resource for windows:

  • nothing much changing from previous version, juz added few functionality such as reckNet chat client and few administrative option
  • added few functionality for network monitoring and visual network mapping (*experimental)
  • reckonAV will be using new SCrip modules provided by oneSecurity.

Right now, I’m only providing resource file(*.rec) for use with ubuntu and windows. More resource for other platform will be provided soon.. Just like the slogan of reckon, “one program, multi-platform”..