I njy chatting in yahoo chatroom. Especially in sarawak chatroom, since im far away from sarawak, n keen to talk in my native language. Bt there exist these bunch of bullsh*t, thinking that they have the right to decide who stay, n who out from the room. They call themself BOOTER (hey, what the heck with thoz lame name!!!). To these ppl, i just wanna say, yahoo chatroom isn’t the real world. It’s just a place created by Yahoo!. It’s nonesense for y’all to show-off in sum’in like that.That totally f**kin bullsh*t!!

Weyh, klau juz nak gune program org tu, gi mampos la weii..Wat program sendirik la. Klau jantan! Ni macam pondan!!! Pakai program org tp nak blagak. Kampungan la.. Tu script-kiddie namanye. Script-kiddie tu, pondan-pondan dalam istilah dunia aku ni. Jom, open challenge, wat program. Bodohhhhh!!! Sape pondan makan cili rasa pedas la.. Hahahaha.. Ni nak tunjuk lagak, report abuse baru tau..abeh suma budak di kick, pastu macam sial je blagak ngan mpuan dlm room. Boot aku skali, klau dpt!!

Well, actually, this kinda sissy act juz a minor..Let’s create a place where ppl can get along together n share their interest. It’s not own by individual but by all user. So, let’s just share the happiness.