First of all, big, big, big, big thanx to iambaim at LYN for finding solutiion for this problem.

The problem is in CelcomBB DNS, they are not reliable as they supposed to be.

For a quick fix you can change your DNS to OpenDNS. Read here on how to configure: For for the novice just change your DNS to and

It seem to solve most of the network timeout and server not found problems. Browsing is quite faster too since addresses resolved quicker than Celcom’s DNS. And the best thing is it’s FREE…

Quoting from iambaim that suppposed to solve the problem, like it did to me. After done with chhanging ur DNS, u might have to flush DNS, Start > Run > CMD and type ipconfig /flushdns. Then try to reconnect. this should have solved the problem. N now i can njy my sarawak chatroom again.

Here is the link to the forum discussion on the matter :