Y!Supra modded! [mrfreakoreal]

YSupra is a third party chat client that will enrich your Yahoo experience with its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities. This is the first program of its kind to be a pure native application. No external dependencies are required, not even for YMSG authentication or voice chat.

Y!Supra Yahoo Chat client is one of the famous free available client out there. What differs Y!Supra from other clients is Y!Supra developed natively, from scatch, without dependency with other components. Y!Supra features a simple user-interface/layout and clean design. It does support anti-boot features like other clients (Yazak, Yahelite, Yahevan, etc.).

What da heck is this modded Y!Supra?

Y!Supra modified version for geek.

Y!Supra modified version for geek.

I was asked to exclusively test this mod by mrfreakoreal from ooRE, though I haven’t done yet with YM9 mod. What I can say is..it’s just a modified version of Y!Supra. Few features has been added into this modded version which are:

  • Yaheven float-box for user details.
  • Improved monitoring of iggy using ip identification technique (which means, ignored user, will be fully ignored even login with other id (log in da same time, using da same conection)
  • Track-back of packet sender (using ip)
  • added file transfer function in PM
  • added voice call function in PM
  • fix of voice server resolver
  • fix of chat session time-out error in Y!Supra
  • import setting from other client (connection, emotes, username wildcards, name wildcards, favourite rooms.. etc)
  • Shared buddylist for multiple account, added search function (yup, juz like ym9!!)
  • Multiple id login (id polygamy) in one instance of Y!Supra (*got few issue with account manager and load of buddy)
  • Configurable cloaking interval
  • added new mail notification (yup, juz like yahoo messenger!)
  • inflate/deflate of packets recieve.
  • auto abusive reporting for activity such as packet  flood
  • support for UTF-8.

However, few room visits and personal provoke to well-known so-called booter has proved the robustness of this mod. Original Y!Supra unable to identify bots launched by the same person with fully random ID(since Y!Supra using traditional wildcard filter) and got disconnected while this mod stay connected steadily in the room. Issue..one of the known issue is,  disability of the update function. If you insist to update, y’all be getting normal Y!Supra chat client.

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12 Responses to Y!Supra modded! [mrfreakoreal]

  1. c0ke says:

    Where can I download this?

    • benzourry says:

      I think, i should provide my own client now, YConnect(see my other post about YConnect)… after all, hexmod is not really a good idea. I get the copy from mrfreakoreal before, and it got reverted back to original y!supra after I update the program. Ishhh..
      Hope you could wait a lil longer for my own chat client release. I’m trying to resolve few issues in the code for now.
      This include few of things:

      I’m badly want to make the captcha image to be view in chat window (like y!supra and yaheven). Right now I’m trying to make it closely like y!supra but with more function. It’s better and more extensible to write it from scratch and much more i could achieves from that (including the control of how i retrieve the packet, process the packet and send the packet)
      I’m trying to add few security features like those provided by other clients like (cloaking, ghost mode, gawd mode). For minor threat, this client should be able to handle them cause I create my own implementation of socket in which could handle any subset of utf-16 character bytes of any size
      More common feature such as emotes, auto-ignore, winamp “now-playing” message, username wildcard n much more. I’m started late, and try to keep in-sync with other yahoo chat client, much of challenge
      I’m also try to improve the performance of the program, such as the time to build buddy list, process chat
      Well, this is just a random question, but do you really think that voice chat is really important? Maybe i should try to add voice chat functionality to my yahoo chat client

      Sorry for taking a long time to reply, i was very busy recently on few projects. I’m taking my leaves for my current project (job) and right now with my family. Maybe i have few time to improve the client. Hope y’all be patient.
      Thank you

  2. nilton alves says:

    gostaria muito de pode conhecer este programa se possivel pois ainda não tinha visto algo assim

  3. nilton alves says:

    gostaria muito de poder usar mas com faço pra baixar este programa

    • benzourry says:

      Sorry nilton alves.
      The truth is I couldn’t understand your language.
      I’m not multi-lingual person by the way.. ^_^
      If it’s about the program (Y!Supra modded), they’ve stopped it already. But don’t worry..
      Here comes the new one from me, check it out here

      Sorry for taking such a long time to reply, I was quite busy recently.
      But please wait a bit longer before I could confidently release this one.

  4. nilton alves says:

    estou de volta
    queria pedir para q vc liberasse o ysupra pra mim,
    pois este programa facilita e muito o bate papo
    vou esperar resposta via e mail

  5. Ryan says:

    This looks pretty nice.

  6. nilton alves says:

    sou eu de novo amigo, qdo vc vai liberar esta versão do yahoo pra mim

  7. c0ke says:

    Yes, voice chat is very important.

    I am wondering how you are retrieving ips for your ip identification technique.

  8. sachal says:

    Error: Chat Session Time-out.

  9. http://newquickweightlossdiets.com says:

    I’m still learning from you, while I’m making my way to the top as well. I absolutely enjoy reading everything that is posted on your site.Keep the aarticles coming. I enjoyed it!

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