After an argument with my sister, a feeling of uneasiness flooded me. My instinct suddenly drawned me into performing sumthing I rarely done, dawn jamaa~ prayers (may He forgive me). I was performing my solah with my housemate as an imaam(leader in Islam prayer). It’s an honour for me to be a moslem. I’m glad I’ve born into believing Him. It’s natural, i guess for every human, when it comes to sorrow, in the undecided fate, we’ll finally realized we owez trying to find Him in our heart. I’m thankful for the bliss of being His believer. I owez find myself drawning in this crazy world’s tide, but then He shows me the way and ease my path. I’m really thankful for this life being able to sujud and rukuk infront of Him. Please provide me with Your sightful light of hidayah. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah syukur ya Allah (s.w.t)..