ASP.Net vs J2EE vs PHP? C# vs C++ vs Java? Only those stupid would ask..I can make fun of these languages as much as I can coz they owez being funny with me(regardless of what features it got or how cool the buzzwords derived). I do have my own principle.

  1. Design the well architecture
    -This is WHERE the SCALABILITY comes, not from the language!
  2. Alternative of not to use external module/library and make use of STANDARD like xml, sql to the most even with logic
    -This is WHERE the PORTABILITY and INTERACTABILITY comes, not from language, since I can write the same simple-iterative-logic implementation in various language!
  3. Don’t touch the code if you just wanna show-off the capability of your preferred language
    -The most IMPORTANT of all. For me (well, I dont know others..), capability is achieved through DESIGN and PROBLEM SOLVING techniques. Don’t become too language-dependent. It’s enough if you know how to solve the problem. Write the flow in pseudocode. Every language got it’s own STANDARD way to perform certain task. I’m bored listening to people boasting how well is PHP-MySql coupling or JSP/Servlet-Oracle coupling. PHP can do that, JSP can do this…blablabla..Only people who can’t do things with bare-handed would say that!
  4. Choose the correct design strategy for your system.
    – Here comes the solution for PERFORMANCE issue. Waste of time to argue which language got performance!
  5. Project’s well-planning
    – This should  solve  all those lengthy time taken to develop the system. No language can be coded faster than others. It’s just the same. So, stop googling for best language to develop system faster. In a way, you’ll just waste your time.
  6. Well documented system
    – Once, again, here comes MAINTAINABILITY, not with the language!

Well, I guess, that concludes everything. IMHO, galactic knowledge in programming doesn’t come any handy without the ability to manage project well. Yeah, even students from Faculty of Management and Economy could write php, jsp, java, .Net, vb6, c++ even c. But what I’ve learned from my years in Software Engineering isn’t solely programming, but more than that, project management, system analysis, etc.. Lecturers don’t teach me my 7 languages, but they teach me how to beautify my language and turn’em into meaningful and marketable product. Heheh.