As all of Morning Musume’s fan already know, Morning Musume has been going out of Japan for their promotion or should I say it as “international debut”. They’ve been visiting Hong Kong and Korea. And recently, they’ve been to L.A for Anime Expo.. Unofficially, some of the members of Morning Musume has going somewhere else for their photobook shot.

I’ve been wandering, when will Morning Musume come and visit Malaysia? If not Malaysia, Singapore is quite okay for me since I can go there to watch’em live, infront of me. And sometime, I wander if there’s any chance for Morning Musume’s fans here to meet them, live! It would be interesting to watch Morning Musume concert in TV3 after Buletin Utama (lol)

I love Kamei Eri soo much. I hope when they come here, Kamei Eri will still be a member of Morning Musume then. I believe some of the Morning Musume’s fan in Malaysia out there have the member’s photobook. I want to have one! I really do! But I don’t know how to purchase them. And Morning Musume’s album, rarely found here. I have to download from the internet all of those songs(I hope this won’t get into piracy issue for UFA). Can somebody tell me where I can get those photobooks and Momusu albums here in Malaysia?

I really, really miss “Eric Kamezou no Maido Arii” segment. I have 37 of them, got them from streaming site though. But only 5 of them is subbed. I’m not really understand japanese, so base on my intuition, I’ll try to guess what’s the meaning of each words. Thanks to those rich expression of japanese language, I was able to understand a bit. Does anyone knows where I can get full “Eric Kamezou Maido Arii” segments with English subtitle?

And here’s something for fans community. Unlike others, I found the Morning Musume’s fans are nice people. Well, I love to be a part of community.

“Haromoni@ stop airing” is still a shocking news for me. Even though someone has pointed out that they have started something new, I’m not at ease of that. I wish I could watch them as a group again in television show. I wish I could do something for Haromoni@ to continue(though sometime they seemed to be full of themself). Morning Musume isn’t like Morning Musume when they are featuring in serious talk show. Is there any Momusuish show for me to watch? I’m afraid if there is nothing like that anymore.

  1. I can only sleep when listening to Hare Ame Nochi Suki, Senkou Hanabi and 100 Kai no Kiss(Kamei Eri)
  2. I’ve forgotten how much I have watched “Eric Kamezou no Maido Arii”. It’s like once a day I’ll play them full in my playlist. I even have them in my mobile.
  3. Watching “Eric Kamezou no Maido Arii” is the best way for me to release my tension.
  4. Once before, when I saw Kamei Eri in the group, I was wandering, “How could she become a member? She’s kinda ordinary, quiet and not that appealing”. After watching Maido Arii, I thought, “she’s funny!”
  5. Momusu is not just an ordinary artist for me. I could feel that I know them so much. It’s like I’ve been watching over them since they’ve debut.
  6. During my public speaking, i was presenting about Morning Musume. Comment from lecturer :”Was I listening to english presentation?”