Recently, I have posted something about netbeans 6.7 and Dreamweaver CS4. In that post, I was telling how bad I want a “live preview” functionality (even though I’ve given up on WYIWYG jsp editor) in Netbeans 6.7.

Now It's 60% netbeans 40% dreamweaver!
Now It's 60% netbeans 40% dreamweaver!

As you can see, it’s now much better for rapid development! One of the cycle (leave IDE -> browse to the page -> reload -> get back to IDE) is now excluded from whole development experience. This is the version available in netbeans developer trunk. The feature is scheduled for Netbeans 6.8 release(tentative). The browser is using XULRunner(gecko) renderer engine, which is used by Mozilla Firefox. There is a meeting among Netbeans team and Webkit developer discussing on possibilities for netbeans to use WebKit instead (actually, the meeting is mainly for AWT team to port webkit for use in java), but it seemed to take a lot of time in which might cause development postpone for presentation-layer team.

Just something…
-EmbeddedBrowser in this release quite similar with what has Prakash had discussed. I bet this use the same approach, JDIC.
…if so, JDIC even capable to create WYSIWYG html editor(this is what I’ve seen from JDIC example/sample), then, maybe it’s close to that…
-JWebPane << maybe worth a look…
-Prakash had proposed Generic Visual Webpage Designer before he close it(when he changed to Aptana Studio, but now he’s back << read from his blog), some of the idea has been implemented, why don't trying to look back…?

-..what do y'all think?