I’m currently trying to re-ingeneer some of wordpress part to be compatible with oneFace presentation layer. Trying to maintain current structure.
For now, it’s only 80% of admin stuff in WP installation has completed and 20% of blog itself.

The way it was, I wonder how would it be if it was developed using JSP/Servlet/Javabean.
While studying the underlying structure I came to conclusion, it’s far maintainable using Java technology than php (just from my point of view).

Even though the abstraction in architecture was fully met, it’s setting par in flexibility of how far we can go with the core. Differ from O-O approach (which for me, has both abstraction and flexibility since it’s treated in modular and discreet), one would have to think twice to change the behavior in functionality of the system.

Here is the link for current work.
OneFace WordPress Hybrid