Here,here,here..after watching ‘scandal in old seoul’,gez what i’ve got to watch..?yatta,it’s Moon Geunyoung, my angelic idol.. At first, I didn’t realise she’s there. I recognize the guy in ‘cinderella’s stepsister’ first. Then I mention, “ah, he’s the guy in cinderella’s stepsister”. Then my brother said, “yes, and that girl too..”.. Then “warghhh,moon geunyoung!!” is the response i’ve gave. Seou also there(the one acting as geunyoung’s sister). In ‘Happy Together’, i got to know more about her.. She’s a great dancer, tho she’s short. It’s reallyyy cuuuteee watching her try to do sexy dance. Feel like i wanna hug her and never let go. She also sang a bit in that show.. Waaa, cute. She sang cutely.. She’s really kind.. She clapped to the song. She laugh to the joke. She’s always clap his feet to the groud when she’s excited.. Shuld b published a month ago..but forgot meh..