Live MUSIC BANK chart top 10 this week is what I’m really happy with.
FT Island – Love Love Love
– Remember Jeremy from You’re Beautiful? Now I’ve watched him singing on stage, not as actor, but a genuine singer.

^_^ Lee Seung Chol – That Person
– OST of hit korean drama, King of Baking Kim Tak Goo, which has kept me infront of my tv every sunday morning for encore last time.

Lee Seunggi – I Love You From Now On
– Yattaaa, my favourite drama (aired the same time as King of Baking Kim Tak Goo) which is ‘My Girlfriend is Gumiho’. Sang by Lee Seunggi, main actor of this drama, Daewoong (woong ah, woong ah…heard miho calling him..hehe). He’s my fav host either in 2 Days 1 Night(KBS) or Strong Heart(SBS).

Jaejoong/Yoochun/Junsu(DBSK) – Found You
– Currently airing in KBS, Chungkyunkwan Scandal, one of my favourite!! Kim Yunshik, cute deh…

:: Then we have some famous band/idol here..

se7en – I’m Going Crazy
– Everyone know this guy. Made a comeback recently with a song featuring T.O.P

– yup, from a rival company of se7en, 2NE1 and Big Bang. Keeping a legacy from their senior, Super Junior.

Gain of B.E.G
– Not really interested with Brown Eyed Girls.

2NE1 – Goo Away
– Here’s another top girl band in the list. Sandara just remind me of her philipine film. Their single this time is quite different, they let loose their exotic music behind.

1st of the chart for this week is….

BEAST – Breath
– BEAST, as always, top the chart with their energetic song and choreography.

..another thing worth mentioning is the appearance of Seo Hyo Rim as the host of this music chart programme. She has been doing that from August 2009…what??? Seems like I’ve concerned about her after watching her acting as Hyo Eun in Hyungkyunkwan Scandal. Yup, that cute and naughty aegeshi.