There are a lot of dispute regarding which female idol got the best voice in KPop scene. Most of people out there criticized IU. I don’t think it is right to put the blame on IU since she doesn’t explicitly claim that she has a better voice than Taeyeon. Well, it’s up to people who judge them. SNSD fan would absolutely go for Taeyeon even though at the start of their comment sounds like “I’m also a fan of IU, but..” or “I love IU, but..”.  And fans of IU would definitely claim IU has the best voice out there. Bias is all around though they tried hard not to sound bias.

As for me, for sure people would think that I am bias to IU. Yup, I love her look and cuteness (considering I was a fan of Morning Musume whose previously looking for “kawaii~” and now seek for “aegyo~”. Honestly, when I hear Taeyeon picking up her top pitch, it was never satisfying. Like lack of climax. Yup, she got the great voice there, but sounds like a note missing from the range. Differently for IU, it’s a great pleasure and satisfaction when she’s hitting the top pitch. It’s like “here it comes…” and “yay, she made it!!!” kind of feeling. That is the first thought after listening to IU’s Good Day.

Most of the critics is regarding IU’s shaky voice. Well, for me it does sound sexy and naive at the same time. It’s her voice personality. Whatever it is, she’s always cute and adorable. Enjoy the clips from these two nominee of best vocal!

Do you get what i mean?

And here is what i mean by ‘climax’

Just had a goosebumps,didn’t you?