It’s been a while after I’ve stopped watching this drama, and suddenly yesterday, I was stumble upon this title at some streaming site. I though to myself that I should finish what I’ve started. After spending few hours last night, I’ve been able to finish watching all of the episodes (by the way, there are 9 episodes in total)

Far-off than being the same storyline as “Zettai Kareshi”, “Q10” involve the complex time-travel robot(Kyuto) which produce the recursive timeline such the one you can watch in “Cyborg Girl”. The plot is quite comical at the beginning but later turn into serious medium-budget drama. There are few epilogue and prologue in each episode, and somehow, I felt it doesn’t suit the early episodes. This has become the trend in youth jdrama; which is to have a main cast’s monologue. The following is future Heita’s prologue as written on the letter which he had implanted under Q10’s teeth, which depict some insight of 2080.

“…my wife kept on asking me about Kyuto
Kyuto is probably a creation of my imagination.
Whenever I look into something, Kyuto will probably show up
I have first seen her in a business trip from moon to earth
I heard that we had our honeymoon to a place where glacier melted
The children took 1000 years to arrive…”

My rational was confuse either to feel the deep emotion or to laugh at the statement.

Anyway it is, Kyuto(Maeda Atsuko of AKB48) is quite cute.

And this is one of Maeda Atsuko’s pic

Overall, the story brings a nice feeling of spring. It’s nothing serious, but have a robust plot with some nice-to-watch cast. There is also a point where you would feel that the storyline near the end was created in rush to fit the big idea, but it was done properly without causing the overall storyline become unbalanced.