Yes, and now they are called “veteran idol”. Here’s few comments from fans during the Kazu-investigation.

“A lot of people are trying to compare MOMUSU with AKB, but AKB48 is more like an old-school MOMUSU. MOMUSU now is more like a professional artist and not just an idol, while AKB48 is an idol, which we might want to look up to”

“Mezamashi hasn’t been fair. There’s a lot of AKB things compared to MOMUSU, do you remember all the member name?” (and luckily the interviewer succeed in recalling all of MOMUSU’s members name)

One of the well-known celebrity  has been found to be at the MOMUSU concert venue and while been interviewed, he was found to bring a lot of light-stick. When asked, the response was ” I want to shine for them!”

There are a lot of people out there comparing MOMUSU with other Japan idol group and goes to the extend of comparing them with hallyu idol group such as SNSD, KARA, etc. Well, it’s not the case as been said by MOMUSU manager, “Instead of labelling MOMUSU as Idol, MOMUSU is more as the performance group(he means the group of performer)”

Well I agree with what been said. MOMUSU is the idol group with over 10 years history, with their always changing member(audition and graduation concept). While being at it, they maintained their relationship with other older generation of their group. Currently, they are up to 9th generation of the group member. Their fan-based also one of the largest and long-running in the entertainement world. Can you imagined the group with over 100 songs with different choreography. Their singles have topped the Oricon chart many time and it is proven that they inhibit a professional breed of entertainer.

I will always keep up my support for the group, which I had been followed for nearly 5 years now.