I was late for my work today. Just… because..

On my way to my workplace this morning, I came across a dead kitten at Jalan Baru. It’s sad, and since it’s soo sad, I can’t move further. The sadness made me return to the place where the dead kitten is.

It’s soo sad, yes, true. The kitten was dead. His small, frail body was probably hit by a car (or motorcycle) and lying there, motionless. He looks like he’s deep asleep, except that he’s badly injured and all his organ was messed up.

It’s soo sad. Many things come across through my mind at the time. His fur color is similar with my kitty, mimi.

Is it my kitty’s sibling? If sooo, then he’s dead without having to spend time with his sister(which is my kitty). My kitty was originally a stray kitten, when I pick her up, afraid that she might be hit by a passing vehicle. Then I’m at fault cause I took his sister and left him behind, wandering, then dead hit by a car.

Then sorry mimi(my kitty), for split you with your brother and left him dead hit by a car. I’m humbly apologize, on behalf of my guilt-self and manbeing.

The dead kitten was probably few months years-old. Just when he is able to see the world, experience living, proud and greed human taken his life for good.

Jalan Baru
Jalan Baru

Something crossed my mind.
Few month ago, they were born together. Then a proud and greed man took one of them, showing off of his kindness, without thinking of the consequences. Just to re-assure his reputation as ‘kind human’, he messed up everything. And just because of that, they were split apart from each other. Can’t bear the sadness, the other kitten walk his disappointment on his lonely path. Living for other months thinking of his sister, until one day while crossing the road in search for foods, he was hit by a car and left dead on the road with nothing left in the world for him. Not even a memory of him in others mind. And yes, that useless and greed man was me. I’m that man that think highly of himself, thought that I’m kind enough, but in the end I’m just nothing… if he’s really my kitty’s sibling.

It is sooooo sad, that his life not even acknowledged by other living things.

Made me think of my other kitten which has lost for about 4 days now. How’s he doing? Is it fine for him, or is he already dead? In the same fate as this one?

Dear God the Maker, it’s me, humbly as Your servant, I’m just a humble creature. Thinking of my superiority to other creature that You’ve made is totally ridiculous, now that You’ve shown me how small and fragile the life that You have given us. We are nothingness, in front of You.